1-2-3 Guide to Announcement Emails

Sourced from: https://www.constantcontact.com/blog/1-2-3-guide-to-announcement-emails/

The excitement that can be created by a simple announcement email is often overlooked by small businesses.

Of course, we’ve all seen the big product launches created by the likes of Apple and Nike but what can a small business do when they have a new product? Or what about just when something new and exciting is happening with their business?

That’s where the announcement email can come into play.

Whether you have a new digital update to your app, there’s a new employee behind your counter, or you’re starting a new annual fundraising event, an announcement email is the best way to share that information with your contacts.

What is an announcement email?

An announcement email is a marketing tool used to announce anything that is new to your business or nonprofit.

And while that’s pretty self-explanatory, i.e. something new should be announced, announcement emails can, and often do, go hand-in-hand with event invitations. … Read More

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