10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

With a growing emphasis on plus-size clothing, the Indian fashion scene is experiencing a radical change as a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness. This article defies convention and embraces body acceptance as it examines the exciting world of the “Best Plus-size Brands in India.” These firms have transformed fashion by offering a wide selection of products that appeal to different body shapes and sizes, from stylish couture to everyday basics. These companies are notable for their dedication to comfort, empowerment, and style as the market for inclusive apparel continues to expand. Come along on a tour of the leading players in the plus-size fashion scene, where individualism reigns supreme and every curve is elegantly and stylishly acknowledged.

Best Plus-size Brands in India:

1. Indietoga

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

Women’s apparel company Indietoga offers a wide range of styles to fit all shapes and sizes of bodies. The company is dedicated to providing finely tailored clothing made of premium materials; it captures the spirit of the contemporary lady. Examine a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, crepe, chiffon, and brocade, exhibiting a range of styles appropriate for special events as well as daily use. With Indietoga, comfort and elegance come together to create a seamless fashion statement that celebrates each woman’s uniqueness.

2. Bigbanana

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

Bigbanana distinguishes itself as the preferred destination for fashionable men, offering a unique selection of apparel. Designed to fit a range of body shapes, the premium clothing collection guarantees you’ll be on the cutting edge of style. Bigbanana is dedicated to providing clothes that not only fits in with current styles but also gives you the confidence to embrace your individual figure. Bigbanana is a must-go-to place for everyone looking for style and inclusion. Come experience a world of fashion where people of all sizes are valued. With Bigbanana, exude confidence and establish trends with style.

3. The Pink Moon

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

Being a plus-size apparel line that offers a mix of fashionable and cozy styles, Pink Moon stands apart. Its range features stylish and fashionable products that are expertly made by manufacturers and craftsmen. Quality is the brand’s first priority, and eco-friendly production is ensured by using the best materials and sustainable techniques. The Pink Moon places equal emphasis on fashion-forward decisions as well as a dedication to moral and ecologically responsible behavior. With the well-considered and inclusive designs of The Pink Moon, enter a world where elegance and sustainability collide.

4. Faballey

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

As a cutting-edge company, Faballey is committed to boosting self-assured women. The firm, which was founded in 2012 by Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar, is passionate about dressing women in stylish, high-quality apparel. In addition to having a wide selection of sizes, Faballey goes above and above by creating a section especially for curvaceous women, making sure they discover chic items that give them more self-assurance. Women who want comfort and style in their clothing selections continue to turn to Faballey because of its dedication to inclusion and good sense of fashion.

5. BlissClub

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

Presenting Minu Margaret launched BlissClub, a newcomer to the Indian clothing market, in 2020. With its incredibly practical and imaginatively designed apparel that guarantees comfort and flexibility for a variety of activities, this forward-thinking company steals the show. BlissClub is a prominent option for plus-size ladies looking for high-end athletic apparel. This brand guarantees the ideal balance of design and usefulness, whether you’re headed out, working out, or just on the go. Enhance your selection of activewear by incorporating BlissClub’s dedication to excellence, creativity, and diversity.

6. Bewakoof

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

Bewakoof is an online fashion business with a distinct ideology that was founded in 2012 by Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot. Adopting the Hindi term “Bewakoof,” which translates to “dumb,” the brand promotes a carefree and relaxed way of living. Bewakoof, which serves both genders, is well-known for its chic and informal assortment of apparel. Notably, it has established itself as one of India’s best plus-size brands. Beyond only style, Bewakoof represents a carefree and fun attitude that inspires people to lead fashionable but carefree lives.


10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

Since its launch in 2014, the Indian brand LASTINCH has grown to become well-known among plus-size ladies. Acclaimed for its stylish designs and high caliber products, the company has gained recognition for its ability to meet the unique demands of plus-size consumers. Beyond only clothes, LASTINCH offers a variety of items that support women’s confidence and self-love while still being current with fashion. For consumers looking for stylish and powerful plus-size apparel solutions, LASTINCH remains a reliable option due to its dedication to design, quality, and inclusion.


10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

AMYDUS is a must-visit location for anybody looking to add both comfort and flair to their wardrobe. This Indian plus-size clothing business was founded in 2014 with the goal of offering stylish and fashionable clothing to those who need larger sizes. AMYDUS provides a wide selection of apparel alternatives, including shirts, kurtas, and skirts, with a diversity of designs, colors, and patterns. The brand, which emphasizes fashion diversity, has grown to be a popular option for those who want their clothes to be both comfortable and stylish. Upgrade your outfit with AMYDUS’s cozy and fashionable selections.

9. Wear Your Opinion

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

Introduce yourself to Wear Your Opinion, a unique clothing line known for its quirky aesthetic, high-quality products, and eye-catching color scheme. This firm distinguishes itself by offering clients the option to customize goods to suit their interests in addition to supplying inventive and incredibly useful products. Wear Your Opinion offers more than 100 pre-made templates so you may express your originality. Adorn your clothing to reflect your own style and make a statement with designs that speak to you. Explore a world with Wear Your Opinion where personal expression and fashion collide.

10. Oxolloxo 

10 Best Plus-size Brands in India

This is another Indian fashion company that offers stylish and reasonably priced clothing for men, women, and children. It is included in the list of the finest plus-size brands in India. This well-known brand employs cutting-edge designs and technology to deliver unparalleled excellence. So, this brand has you covered if you’re having trouble styling yourself. 


These plus-size companies have embraced diversity with flair and substance in addition to shattering preconceptions. Every company is part of a shift in how we view and celebrate beauty, from designs that empower to a dedication to diversity. As we draw to a close, it’s clear that the world of fashion is becoming more and more inclusive, allowing people of all shapes and sizes to boldly represent who they are. These companies are living proof that style has no boundaries and that everyone should be able to accessorize in ways that express their uniqueness.

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