12 tricks to turn Command Center into a tool for marketing strategy execution

Sourced from: https://blog.salesmanago.com/marketing-automation/12-tricks-to-turn-command-center-into-a-tool-for-marketing-strategy-execution/



Implementation of a marketing strategy is quite a challenge. Before you start reaping the rewards, you need to prepare and plan thoroughly. During execution of tasks you must also keep your eye on the ball, because while running several campaigns at once even the best marketing specialist can easily get lost. Command Center dashboard from SALESmanago, can help you arrange, automate, and optimize the campaigns that make up your marketing strategy. See how to do it!


Marketing strategy is a crucial element of company development. It outlines the course of action and indicates how particular strategic goals will be achieved. On your way to the top, you should use technologies and solutions available on the market. Let it sink in: one of the biggest trends we are seeing in lead generation is the increased use of automation software. According to recent reports, 80% of marketers who use automation software generate more leads (up to 451% more), … Read More

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