12 WordPress SEO Blunders Can Ruin Your Conversion Rate Badly

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Search engine optimization is primarily needed for any website to serve the purpose of that website.

What is the purpose of any website? Spreading the content to its target segment.

So, to reach out to your crowd, you need to optimize your WordPress (or any) website as per search engine requirements. When these search engines understand your content, they make it available to the people searching for it. Search engines are the medium between your users and you. So, you ought to create a website, which is comprehensive for search engines.

While you make a WordPress website, you sometimes make some profound mistakes. Such mistakes are the reason why either your content doesn’t reach the right segment, or people don’t peruse it thoroughly. It eventually wrecks your conversion rate.

Let’s know about the common but noticeable mistakes we often make.

Mistakes that affect SEO and ruin conversion rate and their solutions

Wrong Keyword Selection
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