13-Year-Old Gets An Internship At Louis Vuitton For His Drawings

In the past few years, we have seen multiple examples of how social media and the internet have impacted the lives of people all across the world. The platforms that were initially created to make human connections stronger have now become a great medium for brands and professionals to do marketing, advertising, and even sell products directly to their customers.

Social media networks like ‘X’ (previously Twitter) and LinkedIn are becoming the go-to platforms for companies to hire employees. And, to gain the attention of these brands, we are seeing online users creatively expressing their skills to stand out among the crowd.

Louis Vuitton

A similar incident is making the rounds on the Internet after a mother shared the drawings made by a 13-year-old named Milan. The drawings have designs for the popular luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

In November 2023, Milan shared his drawings with his mother, expressing his passion for fashion and leather. His mother shared the designs on Twitter.

Here is the English-translated version of this tweet for our readers:

Louis Vuitton

These designs got noticed by Parisian journalist Marie Gentric. Marie even interviewed him and urged Louis Vuitton to check his designs.

Soon, the whole story went viral on social media, and according to online sources, Milan got interviewed by Louis Vuitton and allowed to work as an intern.

This once again proves the power of social media and showing your work in public.

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