4 ways to find the valuable personas in your database – the lean way

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In the previous article, we observed that Lean Marketing requires intelligent, highly efficient small steps instead of great marketing plans. In this article, we will show you 4 practical ways to make such steps so you can find your ideal customers among the existing ones and build true Customer Intimacy with them.


Enhancing the elements of a lean strategy


As we also pointed out in a previous article, certain elements of Lean Marketing strategy require actions to support, and the modern Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) seems more than capable of accomplishing this task.

In fact, leveraging the CEP to promote Lean Marketing practices leads to effects that surpass the requirements in a few key areas, turn personalization into hyper-personalization, and transform personas into real-life, high-resolution pictures of your actual customers!


Buyer Personas – ideal or real?


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