5 Data-Driven Resolutions for a Great Email Year in 2022

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As you put your 2022 marketing plans together, you’ll concentrate on acquisition, budget and campaigns. We would like to add another item to your list and move it to the No. 1 priority: Your data!

Why data? Because data is the lifeblood of your marketing program. Without fresh, accurate and useful data, you can’t market effectively, spend your budget efficiently and reach out to both customers and prospects in meaningful and valuable ways.

You can’t blame us at FreshAddress for focusing so closely on data. Since our founding, we have dedicated ourselves to making sure companies are working with the most up-to-date and accurate data possible.

Data goes beyond email addresses. It includes customer and product data, test results, data from integrations among your customer, ecommerce and CRM databases and any other knowledge you can use to improve your connections and messaging.

5 Data-Driven Resolutions

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