5 dazzling ways of email content personalization

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Email marketing personalization is a surefire way to boost performance in this channel. According to Smart Insights, up to 63% of consumers won’t buy from brands that don’t use personalization*. Email marketing practitioners know many tricks to personalize email campaigns even better. Here are 5 turbo-charged ways to personalize emails.


There is no need to convince anyone about the necessity of using personalization in email marketing. It is quite a well-known fact.


Personalized emails have a 29% higher unique open rate (OR) and a 41% higher unique click rate (CR) than non-personalized ones. (Active Trail)About 75% of consumers find the idea of “living profiles” (highly detailed customer profiles) valuable if they were used to provide more personalized experiences. (Accenture)


The top three reasons to use personalization in email marketing are (SaleCycle):


better OR (82%),hi… Read More

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