5 Indian Jewellery Brands That Are Making Waves In International Market

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India is famous for its heritage and rich customs, in which people’s attire and jewellery have played an indispensable role, in exhibiting richness and grandeur. However, with changing times, contemporary jewellery from India is also making waves, with more and more millennials opting for trends like minimal look jewellery, use of semi-precious stones, workwear jewellery etc…

And some jewellers are working tirelessly, to make India proud on the global jewellery map too. Here are a few noteworthy names.

1. Amrapali

The jewellery house Amrapali Jewels was founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, both post-graduates in Ancient Indian History.

The brand operates through stores in India and London, and also has a museum of Indian jewellery in erstwhile Jaipur, which took 50 years to be gathered

The brand showcases modern designs which are rooted in traditional history and aesthetics, offering striking jewellery to the buyer. They are also … Read More

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