5 Proven Ways to Increase Email Conversion Rate and Boost Sales With Email Partnerships

Sourced from: https://mailrelay.com/en/blog/2022/06/14/5-proven-ways-to-increase-email-conversion-rate-and-boost-sales-with-email-partnerships/

You might wonder what email partnerships are. The concept is quite easy and is often overlooked while choosing a marketing strategy. Yet, it is such a waste to not use this gem.

An email partnership is a partnership between two brands which is aimed at promoting an offer to the audiences of both brands. The only channel used is emails. For example, SE Ranking can make a partnership with an NGO which deals with education and employability. Together they promote online classes in SEO for people who are interested in working in that sphere.

Reasons to Choose an Email Partnership

If your email co-marketing campaign is thoughtfully done, you will gain a lot of benefits.

Email Partnership Significantly Enlarges Your Email List

First of all, you will get more people on your email list. Basically, the audience of a chosen partner, who might have never heard of your brand before or have not known that they need your product, get a closer look at your business and subscri… Read More

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