5 reasons why you desperately need a Chief Customer Officer in your business

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That often misunderstood and downplayed role of Chief Customer Officer can help you make a real difference in your business. Learn exactly what the CCO role is and how to leverage its potential.


What is a CCO?


We’ve become accustomed to positions such as CEO, CMO, or CTO. However, in recent years, we often come across a completely new acronym that makes most of us scratch our heads in an expression of helpless wonder. I’m talking about CCO. 


CCO stands for Chief Customer Officer. Just 20 years ago, this position was practically non-existent, and today it is a group of over 6,000 people on LinkedIn. Its sudden appearance has a lot to do with the evolution of business. As the value of customer experience has rapidly increased, it has become the biggest asset for companies, replacing things like product quality. 


According to a Deloitte study, customer-focused companies ar… Read More

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