5 tips to maximize growth during a market downturn

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5 tips to maximize growth during a market downturn

“Change is inevitable, Growth is optional” – John C. Maxwell

A market downturn may mean tighter budgets for some companies, it also presents an opportunity to reevaluate strategies and focus on growth. It is no secret that the current market conditions are forcing B2B and SaaS companies to reassess their budgets and adjust their growth projections. In fact, leading venture capital firms such as Sequoia, a16z, or Y Combinator have publicly recommended that startups should extend their runway by consolidating costs and investing in revenue growth. The bottom line is that capital was “free” a few months ago, but now is expensive.

We have witnessed a recent trend where companies are shifting their investment from marketing activities towards outbound efforts and the reasons are clear: predictability, buying intent, relevance, and funnel opt… Read More

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