5 Ways You Can Repurpose Content for Your Email Marketing Efforts

Sourced from: https://blog.mailrelay.com/en/2020/09/17/5-ways-you-can-repurpose-content-for-your-email-marketing-efforts

As a content marketer, blogger, or as someone with an online audience, you know how hard it is to come up with content ideas. Sure, you have inspiration strike, and it can keep you going for a long time, but sometimes the creative well dries up and you’re left looking under stones for the best idea.

However, have you considered repurposing your content? Think of all the blogs and social media content you’ve already created. By repurposing this content, you’re taking the core concepts of your content and turning it into something else. Whether you’re giving this content to a different niche in your audience, or just giving them something new to enjoy, repurposing can be a content creators best friend.

Of course, that doesn’t mean taking an existing blog and simply turning it into a new blog that says the same thing; you need to portray it in a different way, such as taking blog content and turning it into email content, which is exactly what we’re go… Read More

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