6 Buying Intent Signals To Use In Your Outbound Sales Process

Sourced from: http://blog.amplemarket.com/buying-intent-signals/

Buying intent data, or behavioral data about potential customers, is at the heart of any outbound sales process.


A successful campaign will always require 3 things:

Finding the right audience
Crafting the right message
Reaching out at the right time

Buying intent data helps you nail the 3 of them.

It helps you find the right audience because the data tells you the audience is considering a solution for the problem you solve.

It helps you craft the right message because you get intel to personalize a compelling email/call.

And it helps with timing because you know the prospect is looking for a solution right now.

Having a process to gather insightful buying intent data is what makes outbound teams very successful in their approach. Conversion rates double and sales reps have more insightful discussions with prospects about how they can help solve their problems.

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