6-Step Formula to Personalize Cold Emails at Scale

Sourced from: http://blog.amplemarket.com/cold-email-personalization-at-scale-formula/

Email is one of the most powerful growth engines for any B2B SaaS trying to ramp up sales.

However, not many companies get it right.

Part of the reason is that sales teams end up focusing on lead volume instead of quality leads and email personalization. We found that quality always trumps quantity. A lower volume of emails with higher personalization brings more qualified opportunities.

In this article, we will show how to write great cold emails, without having to spend 1 hour on every single email. We’ll show you a framework to help you find and connect with potential customers in a highly personalized and scalable way 🚀.

Not convinced yet?

Cold email personalization: Why should you care?

How many emails do you receive in your inbox? Lots of them. How many do you read and respond to? Not many. It’s hard to stand out in today’s noisy environment.

If you want to schedule dozens of qualified leads per SDR, you need a formula… Read More

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