6 ways to ensure effective email marketing under Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

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Claims about the new Apples’ feature, Mail Privacy Protection, forever changing the landscape of email marketing, are overstatements. Of course, this is a change, but in reality, where the tech giants’ customers demand more privacy, this change was to be expected. It is just yet another indicator of a trend. And there is more than one way to deal with this problem, ensuring effective, personalized email marketing.


What happened in the email marketing world. Again


Apple Mail Privacy Protection, an update first announced on June 7th, is now a fact. After the introduction of the App Tracking Transparency update, which has caused a major disruption in the Mobile App Advertising environment, the company did it again. 


This time they caused an upset in the email marketing world by introducing Mail Privacy Protection. The new feature will seriously diminish the use of tracking pixels and mask users’ IP addresses. <… Read More

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