7 ways zero-party data enable your company to reduce its carbon footprint and turn eCommerce into ECOmmerce

Sourced from: https://blog.salesmanago.com/marketing-and-business/7-ways-zero-party-data-enable-your-company-to-reduce-its-carbon-footprint-and-turn-ecommerce-into-ecommerce/



Companies’ carbon footprints have become an increasingly important issue to customers, and businesses are frantically looking for ways to reduce their size. We identified 7 ways in which zero-party data may be of help in your efforts to make your business model more sustainable—both in terms of business sustainability, and the environment. Turning your eCommerce into ECOmmerce may become one of your main advantages in 2022.

Modern  CDPs make extensive use of zero-party data. Cutting-edge CDPs, such as SALESmanago, even provide features like the Customer Preference Center to collect and manage zero-party data effectively. These measures are extremely important, as zero-party data are the key to reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, environmental sensitivity has become a major factor affecting consumers’ decisions, thus determining which brands have a bright future ahead and which are doomed to oblivion, as recent Dentsu/Mic… Read More

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