92% of consumers would preferably shop from an environment-contributing company. Is it enough for corporations to go green?

Sourced from: https://blog.salesmanago.com/marketing-and-business/92-of-consumers-would-preferably-shop-from-an-environment-contributing-company-is-it-enough-for-corporations-to-go-green/



Green marketing is advocating sustainable policies of a given organization or particular items. It covers actions promoting the protection of the environment. The consciousness of our decisions and the impact they have is rising therefore, 6 in 10 consumers find it essential that the product is sustainably made. 43% of Americans would more willingly purchase food from a manufacturer committing to sustainability and 25% of US citizens admit to willing to pay more for eco-friendly garments.


The trend of being green


In the reality of climate change, natural disasters and species extinction, there is no wonder people started to pay attention to their actions. Living sustainably and advocating companies acting for the sake of the environment became a strong trend. The assumptions of marketing based on conscious help of nature have become the foundation for creating necessary tools, useful for increasing sales, and expanding the c… Read More

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