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KDM – Kinshasa Digital Marketing is a SEO agency in Kinshasa that offers a wide range of digital marketing services. We are building and implementing online strategies to drive business forward and boost the bottom line. We can handle everything from the ground up to managing your SEO campaigns, from building a SEO-responsive website. Methodical, adaptive and tireless is our process.


What Makes Kinshasa Digital Marketing Better at SEO?

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At Kinshasa Digital Marketing, We understand it’s a difficult task to drive new revenue and get customers. We’ve seen it all, whether you’re a restaurant, roofer, plumber, dentist, property agent or HVAC company. The first tool they use is Google, whenever potential customers need something. Your business should be at the top of their minds and a Google Search result on the first page. Every business should view its website and its digital online presence as an asset, because if it is developed properly, you will have created a completely free resource that generates new business leaders and customers every day.

When working with Kinshasa Digital Marketing, we make sure that we put your business before the right audience, which are the customers who are looking for solutions to the problems that your business has. We are SEO website experts, so if you’re tired of not getting your business desires properly exposed, work with us at Kinshasa Digital Marketing!

Kinshasa Digital marketing Agency

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We recognize that it takes more than just ranking your website on Google as a digital marketing agency. We’re looking at the big image. Traffic generation is imperative for your business, but it is even more crucial to convert that traffic. We will ensure that we implement a full-service marketing plan for search engines that may include a new design to drive ultra-targeted traffic to your website. It is most likely that this ultra-targeted traffic will fill out your contact forms and call your business. Most digital marketing agencies offer most customers an “all-in – one solution” when we at Kinshasa Digital Marketing realize your business is unique. Give us a free consultation call today!

Kinshasa Digital Marketing Agency

Why Choose Us For Your Digital Marketing Services?

We have consistently delivered the best in class marketing strategies since our inception that helped our customers increase their search engine rankings, build brand messages, and outshine the competition. Our mission is to be the number one choice of a dedicated Kinshasa Digital Marketing Agency for businesses in need.

Customer and results strategies driven

We use a purposeful blend of marketing magic, innovation, imagination, storytelling, and design to create and implement strategies that drive results.

Professional-Experienced and dedicated team

We have data, design, and development geeks dedicated and experienced who are willing to take your business and digital marketing strategy to the next level..

Full range of services for digital marketing

We are specialized in a variety of internet marketing services, including SEO, pay per click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, web design, and more.

Our Digital Marketing Services


It does not serve any purpose, no matter how dynamic or attractive your website is, if you can not be found or buried in search results under your competitors. We ensure that you are ranked in search results at the top of your local market and are on the first page with rigorous keyword research, on-and off-page optimization, and content creation to achieve high search engine rankings.

Web Design

Your website gives credit to your business and without a visibly appealing, responsive, mobile and SEO friendly website, you probably don't convert almost as much as you ought to be, leaving sales, leads and new customers out of your business.

Pay Per Click

Our PPC gives you the much-needed boost on the results pages of the search engine. You will get those coveted clicks from your target audience with our brilliant strategy and persuasive advertising.

Logo Design

Professional, high-quality logo design with a five-day turnaround time based on the customer's product personality and requirements.

Social Media Marketing

Many companies are not using their social media properly for what is best for: consumer interaction. At Better Bistro Media, we don't just manage your social media, we use it to attract new customers, increase sales, and increase loyal customer frequency through creative content and innovative campaigns.


Most Frequent Questions And Answers

Digital marketing is any online or web-based marketing activity that includes SEO, social media marketing, and web design. On the other hand, traditional marketing involves direct mail, printing, television and radio, which are becoming obsolete

Of Course. People use search engines such as Google to search for the products and services they need, and when doing their search, you want them to see you first. SEO can be of help to you. And even though your website is already in a good position, you still need SEO because the algorithms of the search engine are constantly changing.

Yes. In one house, we have all the expertise you need— SEO experts, social media strategists, web designers, dedicated writers, and more. We provide your team with a scalable level of support, and you will not need to hire an in-house unit to accomplish what you want. You only pay for the time and services you need to get the results you want when you work with us.

There are several factors involved in determining SEO’s cost. Some of these factors are:

  • The industry you want to compete in
  • The size and quality of your website
  • Previous SEO done to your website
  • Any existing penalties on your website

Depending on some of these factors, the cost of SEO for your business will be determined.

No digital marketing agency or consultant can ensure specific results such as rankings on the first page. So much depends on the end of the client’s implementation, constantly changing search engine algorithms, and many other factors beyond the control of anyone.

We are working with small and large enterprises. We will work with you whether you are a restaurant looking for help with bad reviews or a small plumbing company looking for more customers.

How you acquire traffic is the main difference between SEO and Google PPC. Traffic from SEO is organic and free, while traffic generated from Google PPC is not free, as the name indicates, as you will pay a fee each time a user clicks on your ad.

SEO is more time-intensive and requires more hours of work to achieve desired results as your search engine placement is more permanent than paid advertisements. Google PPC, on the other hand, has faster placement on first-page rankings that skipped the SEO competition, but only generates traffic while the PPC campaign is running. The best approach we use here at Kinshasa Digital Marketing is to combine both techniques to increase your online visibility if your budget allows.

This depends on how many keywords you want to rank for and how competitive those keywords are. Generally speaking, it takes a website between 6-12 months to reap the benefits of a proper SEO campaign, which is why so much work goes into analyzing your competitors and conducting proper keyword research for your business. Sometimes it’s best to focus on 2-3 keywords or keyword phrases instead of a large pool of keywords that don’t give you the results you want. Think of SEO as not an event as a process.

During the creation of your website, it is highly recommended that you implement SEO as it makes it easier to build a solid foundation than to fix issues that may already exist. You do not want a website that is not optimized for SEO to be crawled and indexed by Google. Since fixing existing SEO issues is also more time-consuming and labor-intensive than implementing them at the beginning.

Here at Kinshasa Digital Marketing, we work only with WordPress websites as this is our expertise and we found it to be the best content management system (CMS) for SEO. However, don’t worry, if you want to work with us and don’t have a WordPress website, we can transfer your website to WordPress easily.

Contact us. We look forward to helping you gain greater visibility online and helping you take control of your digital marketing.


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