A contingency plan for the inevitable cookie death

Sourced from: https://www.clickz.com/a-contingency-plan-for-the-inevitable-cookie-death/265864/

30-second summary:

The digital advertising ecosystem is crumbling under Google’s third-party cookie death announcement
Advertisers and publishers need to break away from the cookie addiction and devise a proactive strategy before 2023
IBM Watson Advertising’s Head of Revenue discusses potential reasons and solutions that the industry can collectively work towards

Digital advertising is in the midst of a major disruption that’s being led by the walled gardens and governments. One big tech announcement can whipsaw revenue projections and valuations, while renewed legislative scrutiny on how consumer data is being collected is working its way through the halls of Congress right now. The growing demand for transparency and our industry’s call for a common voice amongst the open web is reverberating in every conversation. This is why Google’s recent announcement, that it would continue to support the third-party cookie in Chrome until 2023, was met with relief in so… Read More

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