Adidas Promotes Social Distancing With 1 Meter Long Shoes

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Adidas is one of the most esteemed show companies in the world that is a haven for sneakerheads. Most of these are widely worn by individuals following the hip-hop industry, as the company often provides customizations to suit the interests of famous artists. Recently, Adidas came up with sneakers that support the entire social distancing agenda, based on last year’s global pandemic.

In association with designer Tommy Cash, the company shelled out their 1 meter long sneakers that some believe resemble a baguette. Check them out for yourselves!

Adidas unveils their longest shoes ever, in collaboration with Tommy Cash.

— Pop Base (@PopBase) March 2, 2021

These are the longest shoes ever made, available in black and white sides to suit the aesthetic behind the idea. Since experts around the world have advised people to maintain a 1-meter distance in queues to incorporate social distancing, C… Read More

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