Parents’ Day: Celebrating our ActiveCampaign Parents

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As we celebrate National Parents’ Day, we also honor the parents, guardians, and caregivers working at ActiveCampaign (AC).

Read on as one of our ACers shares her experience working at AC as a parent:

Caitlyn Delehanty, Mom and Manager of Customer Success

Happy Parents Day to my fellow parents! I’m not sure I knew about this sacred day until this year. And I can’t wait to see what my children have planned for it. (My bets are on a 5:45AM wake up call and Toy Story 4 on a loop for the day.)

My name is Caitlyn Delehanty and I am Manager of Customer Success here at ActiveCampaign. I work with our talented team of Customer Success Managers on projects that help our customers get the most out of their partnership with AC.

My other name is Mom—or Mommy, or Mama, depending on which kid you poll. I have two children, a two-and-a-half year old and a one-year old. They are two of the most energetic, sweet, mischievous, and wonderful kids out the… Read More

Video Email Marketing- How To Get Started

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Around 66% of consumers watch videos to learn about a product. Certainly, videos are the most effective and quick mode of communicating your story.

Therefore, it makes sense if the trend of video email marketing is growing exponentially faster.

By the beginning of this year, 86% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool. In fact, 93% of marketers using video believe that it is a vital part of their marketing strategy.

Indeed, videos as a marketing mode are no longer an option, but necessary in recent times.

In this article, we will learn about the importance of video email marketing, the best practices, and ideas to start using it. Let us get started with its benefits first.

Importance of Video Email Marketing

While videos are a convenient mode for consumers to absorb most of the message, it provides marketers with a visually appealing, versatile, and highly shareable medium to reach their audiences. This is just a fraction o… Read More

Android 12 Will Roll Out Updates On Emojis Come Fall This Year

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The one thing that has kept our texting not so bland and let us convey our feelings and emotions much more easily has been through emojis. Google emoticons have been used largely to stun, engage, shock or briefly clarify a given circumstance. With the next-generation mobile operating system, Android 12, being rolled out by Google in fall this year, things are set to change.

A few new features that we know of so far are ones where you can play games while downloading them and also the ability to opt out of ad tracking. A redesigned user interface is also something that one can expect.

Amongst all these changes that are being rolled out, one major one is definitely going to be emojis. Via a blog post, the tech giant suggested that with the upcoming Android 12 operating system, one can expect redesigned emojis. Although, there aren’t going to be any radical changes in the emojis that are going to come out. The emojis are just going to be a lot more universa… Read More

What’s New in CXA? June 2021 Product Updates

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ActiveCampaign is highlighting a round-up of each month’s releases so you can continue to scale with a platform that’s scaling with you.

What CXA improvements were released throughout June?

Growth in the ActiveCampaign CRM. We’ve introduced the new Deal Task Overview Report, so you can work more collaboratively with your team.Customer Love. We’re celebrating your vision by bringing you your top customer requests, new CXA innovations, and improvements of your most-loved tools.The ActiveCampaign Customer Success Commitment. We’re so committed to your success, we guarantee it. Look for new ways we’re providing value, service, and trust — for you and your customers.

Keep reading to learn more about how ActiveCampaign is giving you a platform that continues to grow with you, and can be your guidebook as you find success.

Want to see demos of many of the new features covered below? Check out May’s product updates webinar.

Insight into… Read More

How Mohan Singh Oberoi Became The ‘Father Of The Indian Hotel Industry’

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Success comes to those who work hard for it. It is something that we are all aware of and have heard before. We have read so many inspirational success stories that it becomes next to impossible to not believe that it can be achieved.

Today we are here to tell you one such story that is all about hard work and failure and persistence.

The founder and chairman of Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi have a story of success that would inspire anyone.

Mr. Oberai is the founder of India’s second-largest hotel chain, The Oberoi Group. The company employs more than 12,000 people worldwide and owns and operates 31 luxury hotels and luxury cruisers in five countries, running primarily under its Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and Trident brands.

About Mohan Singh Oberoi

Born on 15th August 1898, Mohan Singh completed his primary education in Rawalpindi and moved to Lahore for his Bachelor’s Degree. He later moved to Shimla in se… Read More

How to Plan Your Marketing Budget for the Quickest Return on Investment

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Marketing is the backbone of every organization. It is what keeps it going. To ensure that the marketing goes according to plan, you need to prepare the right marketing budget. It will allow you to get the quickest return on your investment.

Budgeting requires you to think about how much money you need to spend to acquire new customers and profit from it. The marketing budget will set out the money that will you should allocate to marketing activities.

Why Do You Need A Marketing Budget?

To plan your marketing budget right, you first need to know its importance. It will encourage you to get things done. The following reasons highlight why the marketing budget is vital.

1. Allow You to Financially Stay on Track

When developing a marketing strategy, you require a budget to stay on track financially. It allows you to keep track of all your costs. Thus, you have an easier time identifying where you are overspending and underspending.

If you fail to create a m… Read More

Trust exercise: how marketers can inspire trust in their brands

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30-second summary:

In an age of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, it is prime that we—as marketers—secure our customers’ trust and trust in our brands’ core values
Brands responded to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in ways that were founded on their unique missions, earning the trust of new followers and maintaining the trust of loyal followers
The fundamental shift in marketing is from words and pictures to experiences
As we move into the next stage of pandemic psychology and emotions, marketers must be attuned to issues of trust

I recently hosted five global marketing leaders for a panel on brand experience and trust. The expert panelists from Heineken USA, Cyient, AIB, Shell, and Danfoss steer brands ranging from loans to lager.

In previous “Future of Branding” installments, I asked each panelist to describe, in one word, the desired customer experience with their brands. This roundtable was no different. These panelists answered with five key words each to … Read More

Real Benefits of Email Marketing

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What are the real benefits of email marketing? Many marketers are singing the praises of the latest and greatest social media networks. We love and use social media on a daily basis. But if you are not actively and consistently using email marketing in your business, your business is missing out on some incredible opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the real benefits of email marketing. To run any successful business, you need to be sure you are investing in the right assets. Of course you should have a web site. And, you absolutely need to get one done. The very next item on your list needs to be your digital marketing toolkit. And, that toolkit absolutely must include email marketing. Why?

The Real Benefits Of Email Marketing Include:


The thing any business absolutely must have is profit. Even if you started your business for a deeper higher calling, without profits, your business won’t be able to fulfill its mission. The ROI for emai… Read More

Email Deliverability for Sales Teams: 10 things you should do

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Doing everything you can to write great sales emails, but your open rates simply don’t go up?

Let’s talk about email deliverability!

Email deliverability is a well-known topic to most marketers, but relatively new to most sales leaders. With the rise of sales engagement tools in sales, managers are now faced with deliverability issues but don’t know why or how to solve them.

We’re here to demystify everything about email deliverability and share how our team consistently maintains open rates of 70% and higher.

You’ll learn about:

What email deliverability means for sales teams
Why email deliverability should be a top priority for sales teams
How to improve email deliverability 🚀

What does email deliverability mean in sales?

Email Deliverability is the ability to send an email that makes it to the primary inbox of your recipient.

If your emails always land in the primary inbox, you have good deliverability and likel… Read More

Best Approach to Engage Millennials through Email Marketing

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Millennials were born into a world where digital technology was hitting avenues in every direction. Much of the social media platforms today are populated with an incredible amount of younger generations, including Millennials and those belonging to Generation Z.

However, most importantly, Millennials are found to be surprisingly obsessed about emails and their usage. They are often identified as the least likely age group not to check their emails when they get into their offices. Whom am I kidding? I do exactly the same!

According to a recent study posted on, 87% of Millennials are found to check their emails regularly. In fact, in an Adobe survey of over 1000 white-collar workers, with ages 18 years and older, were found to use email communications more often than other text-based and chat services.

Furthermore, in another study, 44% of Millennials were reported to have started using emails regularly between the ages … Read More