Checkout The Best Ranked Country Currently In The World

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According to a recent report revealed by the BAV Group, Canada takes the top spot as the best country in the world. This is the first time in history where this country has made it to the top. It has been accounted for owing to how transformative the year has been after the global pandemic, economical, technological, and cultural facilitators, and the agility with which the nations across the world have reacted to the situation. All in all, 78 countries made it to the list.

So how has Canada made it to the #1 spot?

Reasons why Canada has been ranked as #1

Canada is deemed to have the best quality of life for its citizens. With great human rights, job opportunities, and social justice, the country has been awarded the #1 spot unlike no other. It is a racially and ethnically diverse country, in comparison to most of the other countries in the world. Here, when countries come together for social justice, their rating increases over time.

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11 B2B Lead Generation Strategies & Tactics to close more deals in 2021

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Over the past year, our research unit at Amplemarket has exhaustively analyzed B2B lead generation strategies from hundreds of our clients.

One interesting fact in B2B lead generation is that less is more. All the top 10% performers focus on strategies with a lower number of leads, but higher purchase intent.

Finding ultra-qualified leads isn’t an easy process for any business. In this article, we will give you 11 B2B lead generation strategies to find leads that convert in 2021.

For starters, this article also covers some basics of B2B lead generation. If you’re comfortable enough with the topic, feel free to jump ahead to 1 of the 11 tactics below 👇

Generate leads from people interacting with LinkedIn content
Generate leads on Sales Navigator from new managers on growing teams
Generate leads from conference attendees
Generate leads from conference non-attendees
Generate leads from companies that use relevant tools and are featured on f… Read More

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy in 10 Steps

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To achieve your marketing goals online, you need an effective email marketing strategy. It allows you to reach existing clients to ensure repeat business and find new, potential clients that can grow your sales.

Distribution of content is an essential digital marketing function to obtain maximum benefit from it. Creating and crafting emails can be a time-consuming process, and you need to ensure that you secure a return on this investment.

You might have an email list and be sending out emails. But is it enough, and is there room for improvement? Try these ten steps to rejuvenate your email marketing campaign:

Define clear goals

Sending emails with no mindfully intentional objective is like shooting in the dark: you have little chance of hitting your target. Therefore, setting goals before starting your email marketing campaign is essential.

Ask yourself what you hope to achieve by emailing customers and potential clients. Are you raising awareness about … Read More

Creating Content? Here Are 7 Pesky Rules to Break in 2021

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Battling WordPress…

Creating content for social media, your blog, youtube – let’s not forget email!

Feeling miserable at the 5 and 6 figure review posts (the new income reports) that ‘so and so’ who dropped out of the sky just posted…

Sending an email to your list. Celebrating 🥳. Then skipping the next 3 weeks.

Guilt. Overwhelm. Stress.

Being an online entrepreneur is hard!

The last thing you need is to be tied down by “rules” you think you have to follow.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rules!

I’m the nerd who always sat in the front row in class.

We’re not breaking these rules for the sake of it or just to rant but to dig deeper into why something is the way it is.

As Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

‘The important thing is not to stop questioning.’ – Albert Einstei… Read More

You don’t need to create a course. Here are 9 other digital products that make bank

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You feel the pressure to create one…

I mean, with them being all the rage…

…that’s about the only digital product that’s capable of making you income right?


There are plenty of different types of digital products you can create.

Somehow we all fall into the courses trap.

Our first product has to be a course because everyone tells you so right?

Well, I fell into the courses trap too.

Thinking back, I should have gone a different route. I should have first created a low-risk product that my audience can buy, to experience my paid content.

(Read this and this if you’re interested in hearing about tips and mistakes you’re likely making with your digital product launch)

So if you’re feeling all that pressure to create a course, but don’t quite feel ready or know if it’s the right thing for you, this post is an exploration … Read More

6-Step Formula to Personalize Cold Emails at Scale

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Email is one of the most powerful growth engines for any B2B SaaS trying to ramp up sales.

However, not many companies get it right.

Part of the reason is that sales teams end up focusing on lead volume instead of quality leads and email personalization. We found that quality always trumps quantity. A lower volume of emails with higher personalization brings more qualified opportunities.

In this article, we will show how to write great cold emails, without having to spend 1 hour on every single email. We’ll show you a framework to help you find and connect with potential customers in a highly personalized and scalable way 🚀.

Not convinced yet?

Cold email personalization: Why should you care?

How many emails do you receive in your inbox? Lots of them. How many do you read and respond to? Not many. It’s hard to stand out in today’s noisy environment.

If you want to schedule dozens of qualified leads per SDR, you need a formula… Read More

Avoid Using These Words to Ensure Successful Business Emailing

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Avoid Using These Words to Ensure Successful Business Emailing

MD:We know how to ensure relevant email open rates by using appropriate vocabulary. You can make your email successfully appear in 42 countries and impress the reader with our tips.

Easy tips to make up a good email

In every language, there are words and word constructions with their particular connotational meaning. Your speech may sound either more positively or negatively, depending on the choice of words of the message. Some utterances are neutral. They have no definite coloring and thus, don’t influence the reader. If you deal with communication and send emails to hundreds of people, you need to know the rules of correct writing.

To be true, the number of negative words is larger than the list of positive word constructions. It is important to remember when choosing words used in marketing. But is it so indispensable to choose the right words and avoid the overuse of negativ… Read More

The Social commerce conundrum: Expensive short-term success without repeat business

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Digitally native direct-to-consumer brands are spending thousands of dollars to drive traffic and interest to their brand through Facebook, TikTok and paid influencer partnerships. The social channels and the sites that they are often driving the traffic back to feature perfect photography and carefully crafted graphics.

The common line of thinking is that this is simply the cost of doing business in today’s world, as these “socially born brands” are facing stiff competition and are doing anything that they can do stand out. But is this the right approach?

Most brands have dreams of going viral through an influencer, but the truth is, virality rarely ever happens and brands are left pouring thousands of dollars into TikTok and Facebook just to stay afloat. 

The overlooked part of this cycle is that 98% of new site visitors do not purchase from a brand on their first visit. And while these social commerce brands may be spending thousands of d… Read More

Data Ethics & Preference Management will increase their importance in the next five years – as confirmed by 74% of CMOs

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74% of CMOs believe data ethics will get even more important for their business in the next five years, while only 48% of advertisers admit having data ethics policy. With the advent of more and more data privacy regulations, various companies and organizations are under tremendous pressure to ensure that their customers are protected and that their data is stored responsibly.


Keep your data ethical while managing customer preferences


Today, groundbreaking technologies such as AI and machine learning are helping businesses by creating opportunities to deliver better services. However, to fully use these fantastic mar-tech tools, there is a high need for possessing a huge database of client information. In times of data misuse, companies really have to focus on an ethical collection of data.


This is the last chance to actually act by data security standards to build high-end consumer relationships based on t… Read More

Telegram Takes On Clubhouse With These New Features

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Telegram is a popular rival to WhatsApp, having gained a spike in its popularity after WhatsApp’s recent privacy concerns. The app has now enabled voice chat features, which claim to make it better than Clubhouse as well. If you recall, Clubhouse is an invite-only app that is available on iOS and also being rolled out to Android soon. Some of our most favorite celebrities are already a part of it.

With the new voice chat feature on Telegram, the platform wants to make communication better across all of its channels. Hence, these new features will work towards enhancing the experience and users will surely make the move in the coming days.

Record Chats

If all the members cannot join a live chat, admins have the capacity to record the voice calls and publish them later for everyone’s convenience. There will also be a red light indicating that the speaker’s chat is being recorded.

Speak in-between Live Chats

Telegram has the ‘raise h… Read More