Basic flaws site that prevents search engine optimization

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For an Internet resource to rise to high positions in search engines, it must correspond to several parameters. We offer the TOP of the main problems associated with the reasons for the insufficiently high place of sites in the search engine results.

Overly “cluttered” structure

When insufficiently experienced web developers take on the work on a site, they often tie its structure to the semantic core. Of course, this figure also matters. But making pages for almost every promising query is going against the basic principles of site usability. In this case, the Internet resource turns out to be too detailed. This does not increase your search engine rankings. On the contrary, search engines “see” such a site worse.

You shouldn’t create extra pages for products that overlap. This decision may seem tactically correct at some stages, but in a strategic context, it is counterproductive. The optimal strategy for working on the structure of the site is v… Read More

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