‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’ Fame Sahdev Dirdo Is True Example Of How Powerful Social Media Is

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We all are very much aware of the immense power social media posses today. What once started as a platform for entertainment and connecting with people remotely has become the strongest thing in the world.

Social media has been responsible for making and breaking many careers over the years. A video of a simple picture is all one needs today that may make you famous overnight.

Especially since the lockdown was induced last year, the world has become active on social media more than ever. Since then, people have dug up old videos and pictures starting a conversation online making it go viral at the end.

One such fortunate event has happened with one of the most recent and most talked about children from Sukma, Chhattisgarh. Sahdev Dirdo rose to fame shortly after his innocent video of singing a song in a quirky way went viral.

Sahdev was filmed singing the iconic ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar‘ song in his school uniform by one of his school teachers. The v… Read More

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