Best Approach to Engage Millennials through Email Marketing

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Millennials were born into a world where digital technology was hitting avenues in every direction. Much of the social media platforms today are populated with an incredible amount of younger generations, including Millennials and those belonging to Generation Z.

However, most importantly, Millennials are found to be surprisingly obsessed about emails and their usage. They are often identified as the least likely age group not to check their emails when they get into their offices. Whom am I kidding? I do exactly the same!

According to a recent study posted on, 87% of Millennials are found to check their emails regularly. In fact, in an Adobe survey of over 1000 white-collar workers, with ages 18 years and older, were found to use email communications more often than other text-based and chat services.

Furthermore, in another study, 44% of Millennials were reported to have started using emails regularly between the ages … Read More

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