Build a Good Mailing List

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How do you build a good mailing list? Any email marketing success begins and ends with preparation. A plan must be in place before you start collecting those email addresses. It is important that you know what will happen after your potential customer has signed up, what they receive, and how are they segmented. Read on to discover how to get the most out of email marketing.

Principle 1 – Plan on Solving a Problem

If you want to build a good mailing list, make sure the messages you are sending solve a problem for your potential customers. They are joining your list with one primary question on their mind: “What’s in it for me?”. Make sure the messages you write answer that question.

Principle 2 – Use double opt-in

This helps you make sure your information is going out to valid, verified, and targeted recipients. You won’t profit from a big list of unverified, junk, fake, or unmotivated recipients.

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