Build Your Own Lists

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Build Your Own Lists

The key to success in any business venture whether online or offline is to build your own lists. From prospect lists to customer lists, the importance of building and managing your own lists simply cannot be overstated.

Your end goal is to get customers, of course. When you begin to work that backwards, it is easy to see why you would be building your own lists. Building your own list helps you build rapport, boost credibility, and generate more sales.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new online marketers make is that they start driving traffic directly to a sales page. Predictably, this approach is incredibly ineffective. Folks see the sales page and quickly close the window or just move on.

But if you drive traffic to a good capture page that offers great information on how you can help that visitor solve a problem and then offer to send them more info, free details, free samples, etc… you then have an opportunity to follow up, buil… Read More

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