Burger King’s Epic ChatGPT Ad Claps Back at McDonald’s Claim of Big Mac as the Most Iconic Burger

In a brilliant marketing move, Burger King has responded to McDonald’s claim that the Big Mac is the “most iconic” burger with a witty and clever ChatGPT ad of its own. The fast-food giant’s ChatGPT, known for its quick and sassy responses, didn’t hold back when it came to defending Burger King’s iconic burger offerings.

The billboards, as reported by The Drum, highlight translated versions that describe McDonald’s Big Mac as the most “iconic burger” and Burger King’s Whopper as “the biggest.” These ads showcase answers generated by ChatGPT and share a similar design.

The ad kicks off with a virtual chat between Burger King’s ChatGPT and a user, discussing the topic of the most iconic burger. When asked, the Burger King ChatGPT confidently responds, “While some may argue the Big Mac is iconic, allow me to introduce you to the true king of burgers: the Whopper!”

The ad transitions to a captivating montage showcasing the mouth-watering appearance of the Whopper, with its flame-grilled patty, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, tangy pickles, sliced onions, and creamy mayo, all stacked on a sesame seed bun.

As the imagery continues, the ChatGPT voiceover adds, “The Whopper, crowned the king of burgers, is a true legend that has stood the test of time. Its flame-grilled taste and customizable options make it the people’s favorite, with a legacy that can’t be matched.”

The ad boldly displays the Burger King logo with the slogan, “Burger King: Home of the Whopper, where legends are made.” It cleverly challenges McDonald’s claim to the throne, showcasing Burger King’s confidence in its flagship burger.

Burger King’s AI-powered marketing cleverly promotes their brand and highlights the unique qualities of the Whopper, enticing customers to choose it over McDonald’s Big Mac.

The ongoing battle between McDonald’s and Burger King captivates audiences, as they eagerly await McDonald’s response to Burger King’s epic comeback. The fierce rivalry showcases innovative strategies as both brands vie to be the industry’s true icons.

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