Buy-now-pay-later services are flourishing. How they are changing the eCommerce experience

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Buy now, pay later purchase model is nothing new, but somehow now is booming, and the steady increase of its market share at a CAGR of 13.23% is expected. The consumers demand it, as research shows, and the e-commerce entities are especially obliged. At the same time, it provides the retailers with chances to increase revenue, again, especially e-commerce. What exactly is it, why is it booming, and how can you benefit?


Payment method is one of the most important factors in the purchase process. And the latest e-commerce booming made the customers used to choose in this matter. Unlike in the case of stationary shopping, clearly visible options are a part of the interface, necessary to navigate in order to finish the purchase process. Customers have to choose consciously. And they begin to wonder if they could be provided with even more choices. 


This can be seen as a drawback because, in the case of stationa… Read More

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