Celebrating 1000 employees around the globe

Sourced from: https://www.activecampaign.com/blog/1k-global-employees

This October, ActiveCampaign hit an incredible business milestone of 1,000 global employees! It’s mind-blowing to think that in 2016 a team of 15 in a small Chicago office would expand to a distributed presence of over 1,000 employees with office hubs in Chicago, Indianapolis, Dublin, Sydney and a presence in Brazil supporting 150,000+ customers around the world. While the team is exponentially bigger than it was in 2016, our mission has remained unchanged – Help growing businesses make meaningful connections with their customers.

Australia team outing

SaaS companies are often big into celebrating unicorn status and rounds of fundraising. However, we are keenly aware these milestones are not indicators of business success alone. We choose to celebrate our customers first and foremost. But also our employees as they play a critical part in driving momentum and help our 150K+ growing businesses around the globe, a mission that we all take pride in each and eve… Read More

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