CMO’s five key learnings from 2021

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The only thing we can be sure of for 2022 is change – and lots of it
Marketing leaders will be expected to strike an all-important balance between leading to accomplish a mission and leading to foster team growth
Michael Collins, CMO and Managing Director at CFA Institute shares five lessons he’ll be carrying into the new year

Marketers are constantly evolving as the world changes around us. If 2021 was about reacting to pandemic-related transformation my prediction is that 2022 is going to be all about regaining your footing to thrive in a customer-centric landscape.

As we move into 2022, marketers will need to remain agile and flexible to handle additional changes. There are several things marketers should proactively think about to be successful, even in a shifting market. Here are five lessons I’ve learned being CMO this year.

1. Embrace change

It seems like the only thing that was constant in 2021 was change. As the future is i… Read More

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