CMO’s handbook to building great marketing teams

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Building effective marketing teams and fostering teamwork starts requires a top-down approach
Enabling your leaders to lead can help foster long-term success while inspiring leaders to re-imagine what is possible
To enable agile decision making, marketers must determine which activities to keep in-house, which to automate, and which to outsource

How do you really build effective marketing teams? Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just happen on their own. While there’s no shortage of talented marketers, you don’t always find that they’re doing everything they can to push a brand to where it needs to be. Without the right framework and communication in place, even the savviest marketers can fall short.

Building effective marketing teams needs a top-down approach. Starting with the leadership team first enables all team members to share common goals and agreed-upon best practices. Too many CMOs try to manage their teams alone, but I’ve found… Read More

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