Comprehensive guide to NFT current use and future perspectives in eCommerce at the end of 2021

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As NFTs market rises, so do uncertainty, if the new technology is really good and able to support a sustainable business model. However, most of the articles in the matter of utilizing NFTs for eCommerce purposes lack the fundamentals necessary to grasp the nature of NFTs. Maybe this is the reason why some eCommerce brands are already making use of NFTs while others only vaguely acknowledge their existence. We decided to explain not only what NFTs are, but where they stem from, to give you a big picture of the chances they provide. 


We will also present the examples of industries, that make the best use of them at the end of 2021, the eCommerce brands that seem to take the most out of NFT penomena, and finally, we summarize those success stories to highlight the most distinct NFT traits, that have the potential to change the eCommerce landscape in the near future.


So, let us first talk about the NFTs origin… Read More

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