Creating Content? Here Are 7 Pesky Rules to Break in 2021

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Battling WordPress…

Creating content for social media, your blog, youtube – let’s not forget email!

Feeling miserable at the 5 and 6 figure review posts (the new income reports) that ‘so and so’ who dropped out of the sky just posted…

Sending an email to your list. Celebrating 🥳. Then skipping the next 3 weeks.

Guilt. Overwhelm. Stress.

Being an online entrepreneur is hard!

The last thing you need is to be tied down by “rules” you think you have to follow.

Don’t get me wrong. I love rules!

I’m the nerd who always sat in the front row in class.

We’re not breaking these rules for the sake of it or just to rant but to dig deeper into why something is the way it is.

As Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

‘The important thing is not to stop questioning.’ – Albert Einstei… Read More

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