Customers want eCommerce to be seamless, mobile, and one-to-one. What technologies best meet these needs?

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We meticulously researched the latest customer trends to separate the wheat from the chaff and provide you with a reliable sense of the general direction of eCommerce’s evolution. Here is what we discovered:


Customers are going mobile


Customers tend to discover more products online than in stores. 55% of them prefer it for convenience, 46% for greater choice, and 45% for the ability to research reviews and products (Bazaarvoice).

46% of consumers prefer their mobile phones for browsing online. Laptops are the top choice for 26% of the consumers, and tablets for only 10%. 

Even more interesting is where they are actually buying: 44% stick with phones, but 28% choose laptops, which is a 2 percentage point increase. Tablet users remain faithful to their devices; the same 10% browse and buy using them. It seems that some shoppers trust computers more when it comes to finalizing the contract. 

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