Cut and Waste: Are Your Marketing Emails Being Clipped?

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Websites are displayed in web browsers. Browsers, for the most part, agree on how things should work. There’s a high degree of standardisation.

Emails are displayed in email clients. They do whatever the hell they want.

As email developers we need to contend with patchy support for modern web technologies and a shifting landscape of rendering quirks. And then there’s the matter of email clipping. That’s a nice way of saying your email could potentially be chopped in half.

What’s the problem?

Gmail has a 102 kilobyte limit on email code. Let’s round that to a neat 100KB. We’re not talking about images – they’re a separate entity. The 100KB cap applies to the HTML at the core of your email.

Exceed the limit and your email will be unceremoniously sheared. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop or mobile device, via the Gmail web page or the app. The same rule applies across the board.

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