Daily email strategy: everything you need to know to apply this technique

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We all seek (intentionally or not) a specific routine in our day. We set the alarm for the same time, have lunch in the same restaurants, and do many things repeatedly.

That is, we follow a daily routine and do basically the same things.

If you like a daily TV show, you will probably be nervous if it doesn’t air simultaneously.


Because your routine includes what you’re used to doing. Without it, your day is not complete.

So far, you understand, right?

Many people add one more routine to all of these: they receive an email about marketing and copywriting every day at precisely 5 pm. Some read it immediately, others at night, and others with a cup of coffee the next morning.

In this article, I will talk about the daily email strategy (also called the Seinfeld Method) and, after reading it, you will find out:

 If it can be a profitable strategy for your business (spoiler: yes, it does, no matter the typ… Read More

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