Data Ethics & Preference Management will increase their importance in the next five years – as confirmed by 74% of CMOs

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74% of CMOs believe data ethics will get even more important for their business in the next five years, while only 48% of advertisers admit having data ethics policy. With the advent of more and more data privacy regulations, various companies and organizations are under tremendous pressure to ensure that their customers are protected and that their data is stored responsibly.


Keep your data ethical while managing customer preferences


Today, groundbreaking technologies such as AI and machine learning are helping businesses by creating opportunities to deliver better services. However, to fully use these fantastic mar-tech tools, there is a high need for possessing a huge database of client information. In times of data misuse, companies really have to focus on an ethical collection of data.


This is the last chance to actually act by data security standards to build high-end consumer relationships based on t… Read More

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