Do I have your attention? Creating ‘ignite moments’ with Brian Solis

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A view. A glance. A pause. That flash of time where I have your attention and you have mine. As we all move quickly in an evergrowing digital world, these ‘ignite moments’ can make a tremendous impact on how and where you focus your marketing efforts.

In a special session at the October 2021 ClickZ Experience, world-renowned digital pioneer and 8x best-selling author Brian Solis shared his research on how customers have changed at a human level and how brands must adapt down to their core.

Q: In our last conversation we were talking about the concept of ‘generation novel’, specifically about creating a signature experience. Let’s start there.

Brian: Yes, any brand, as they get to know their post-pandemic customers, must discover what it is they value. The good news is that they want you to know them. And, they’re willing to share personal details with you if you can promise value-added personalized experiences.

They value empathy, they valu… Read More

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