eCommerce marketers’ ignorance is costing millions. Reduce Zero-Party Data Blindness

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A recent survey from CommerceNext shows 39% of retailers and brands are apprehensive about the new privacy, post-cookie environment. The survey also studies their strategies for navigating through it. A staggering portion of eCommerce seems to be unaware of the role zero-party data can – and will – play in this new, privacy-oriented reality. Why is eCommerce, apparently, on its way to starve the golden goose?

In this article, we take a closer look at the attitudes of marketers towards the changes, the strategies they plan to employ and the problems they expect to encounter. We also analyze the possible causes of zero-party data blindness and address the doubts the industry may feel about them. Finally, we will explain why zero-party data not only complements first-party data, but is actually the only viable answer to the privacy-first trend. 


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