Email Content vs Blog Content. How to differentiate your content plan without confusion

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Email content vs blog content vs social media…

You’re likely creating content for your audience on different platforms.

If you throw in a Youtube Channel or Podcast into the mix, then you have a whole lot of juggling going on.

What do you say on each platform?

How do you differentiate your content?

Should you differentiate your content?

Maybe you’re thinking…

That’s easy! Repurpose the content on each of the different content channels.

Well, you could.

But when you repurpose content in this way….for instance if you post the same video in a bunch of different places, it doesn’t do very much for your content.

Sure, it might increase the reach of that piece of content.

But you’re not quite taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each platform.

When you completely neglect the inherent characteristic of a platform, you don’t make full us… Read More

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