Email Marketing Goals

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Email Marketing Goals and How To Reach Them

If you want to achieve email marketing success, it is important to set and work toward quantifiable email marketing goals. The challenge for many entrepreneurs is that they may not understand how to do that.

So many entrepreneurs believe the only goal they should focus on is sales. While sales is the ultimate end-goal, it is important to work backwards from there to reach the intermittent goals that lead to sales.

Once you have set up your follow up campaign, created a capture page or added capture form to your web site, your focus should be on the following goals:

1) Driving Traffic To Your Offer Whether this is through paid advertising, free advertising, networking, or a combination of these, you absolutely must be driving traffic to your offer. Otherwise, nobody will see the offer and you will simply have a well kept secret on your hands.

2) Building Your List is the next on your list of email marketing goals… Read More

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