Emerging trends in IoT are changing online marketing

Sourced from: https://www.clickz.com/emerging-trends-in-iot-are-changing-online-marketing/265494/

30-second summary:

Mobile updates could severely restrict advertizers’ access to consumer data
Marketing campaigns using NFC and QR codes have been found to dramatically boost consumer engagement
IoT laws are still developing and marketers need to know exactly where their data is coming from to ensure compliance
While the law is well behind the curve for IoT technologies, marketers can get caught out by existing legislation being applied to the field

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming online marketing. IoT technologies allow higher levels of engagement with consumers than ever before, with companies receiving almost instant feedback and real-time insights into customer behavior over the long term from sensors, smart devices, and wearables.

Products can be targeted directly at the consumers most likely to buy them. Data from touchpoints also indicate where exactly the customer is on the purchasing timeline. And while IoT won’t replace traditional marketing, i… Read More

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