Event Planning Resources: From Start to Finish

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In my town, spring through summer is a busy time for local events.

Walk into any business, check your inbox, or log onto Facebook and you’ll see posters, invitations, and notices about upcoming activities.

The other day, I received an invitation to one of my favorite local restaurants, which hosts monthly wine dinners throughout the spring and summer months. At these events, attendees have the chance to try new menu items, sample wine, and gain some valuable information in the process.

One of my girlfriend’s favorite businesses — a local yoga studio — hosts yoga retreats, and even offers special classes on the beach!

One of the things that both of these businesses do well is event management.

I’m admittedly not the most organized person. Being able to sign up and receive reminders prior to the event, helps make sure I never miss a chance to attend. It also provides benefits to the business, because they can stay organized a… Read More

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