Forrester Consulting Study: 90% of marketing firms will capture zero-party data within a year

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Almost all entrepreneurs plan to utilize zero-party data to address information deprecation. At the same time, as Forrester’s research shows, less than half know how to use such datasets successfully!


In February 2022, Forrester Consulting surveyed 200 digital marketing decision makers (manager+) focused on customer acquisition. These decision makers work for companies based in either North America or the EMEA region that earn $100 M+ in annual revenue. 


The study, commissioned by SheerID, found that 97% of entrepreneurs agreed that personalized digital expertise is a cornerstone of promoting applications. Research has found that 90% of entrepreneurs are actively respond to information deprecation by capturing zero-party information within the next 12 months.


The context of the findings


As we wrote many times on this blog, information deprecation is occurring due to browse… Read More

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