Four marketing predictions for 2021

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2020 has brought great change for marketers, where will 2021 bring us?
Channel shifts will continue in 2021 as consumer habits post-pandemic change.
Marketers will continue to embrace automation, as well as machine learning and deep learning.
Brand Loyalty has increased importance in today’s consumer environment.

Looking back at prediction pieces from last year is a bit like looking through a wormhole into an alternate universe, one where it was safe to leave our houses without a piece of fabric covering our faces and Purell was not a rare commodity. If anything, COVID-19 has reminded us that no matter how confident we feel about what the future may bring, there will always be unforeseeable, externalities circumstances that can transform the entire marketing industry – and world – in an instant.

With those cheery thoughts in mind, here are my four predictions for what 2021 has in store for marketers.

Embracing automation

In 2020, al… Read More

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