Fresh Social Media Developments That Took Shape In August 2023

Following are recent marketing developments to have emerged in August 2023, that are sure to take the world of digital marketing to newer and exciting levels.

1. YouTube Shorts now offers Tiktok like ‘Collabs’ and Q&A stickers

As YouTube’s Shorts’ popularity continues to rise, it will now offer a string of fresh TikTok-like features, like the ‘Collab’ which will allow users to film Shorts simultaneously with YouTube or Shorts’ videos, just like the ‘Duet’ feature on TikTok.

Additionally, a new feature of Q&A stickers has been added, using which creators can ask questions to their viewers, and they can then leave their replies, enabling creators know who left the response.

With the Shorts’ playlist, creators now can also save Shorts to playlists directly onto YouTube. Another new feature, the mobile-first vertical live, will allow live creators to get discovered in the Shorts feed.

2. Meta launches AI Chatbots with over 30 personalities

With Meta’s serious approach into making inroads in AI, it will now introduce AI chatbots called ‘personas’, that will be capable of communicating in several identities.

This will drive user engagement and also help their business collect vast amounts of data on users’ interests. These chatbots, expected to be launched in September 2023, will be integrated into Facebook, Messenger and Instagram areas as well.

3. Threads adds “Send on Instagram” feature

To allow users to share a thread with their Instagram DM’s easily, the Threads app has launched a “Send On Instagram” function.

The text-based social media app has also introduced a custom alt-text for photos and videos by attaching the image or video and tapping. A “Mention” button has been launched to mention someone’s account.

Users will be able to see all the threads they have liked and also sort the accounts they follow.

4. WhatsApp announces feature of HD image sharing

The Meta-owned company will roll out an HD video sharing feature. While the Standard Quality of 1365×2048pixel resolution will continue to be the default option for sending images, users can now choose the HD quality of the image before sending, if they want to. They can also choose to download a picture in either Standard Quality or HD.

Recently, the app also introduced a new feature enabling users to record and send short personal videos directly in chats.

5. New LinkedIn Updates

Users can sort their feeds by All, My Posts or Mentions, which allows them to view and respond to any missed mentions. The app has also simplified adding video or images by using the ‘Media’ button.

Users can also sort comments into ‘most relevant’ and ‘most recent’.

LinkedIn Groups with steady activity and growth are now highlighted with a green badge.

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