From cellphone to cybersecurity: How BlackBerry transitioned from B2C to B2B strategy

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BlackBerry is one of the first smartphone manufacturers which empowered the mobile workforce with its iconic QWERTY keypad and robust hardware, its products symbolized sophistication, power, and convenience in the user’s palm. No wonder, Barack Obama, James Cameron, Kim Kardashian, Eric Schmidt, and your neighbor down the road–all managed business on BlackBerry. 

But when BlackBerry decided to cease manufacturing its handheld devices and shift from B2C to B2B after 35 years, the business faced the mammoth challenge of shedding its old audience and acquiring a new one. How did BlackBerry achieve this prominence across the smart vehicle and robotics industries? How does it now sit in ~195 million smart cars?

ClickZ sat down with Mark Wilson, BlackBerry’s chief marketing officer, to uncover how the Canadian mobile phone giant seamlessly threaded the needle between B2C to B2B, transitioning from hardware to software, while adapting to a new consumer strategy, r… Read More

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