Future-proofing 2022 strategies: four things marketers need to know

Sourced from: https://www.clickz.com/future-proofing-2022-strategies-four-things-marketers-need-to-know/266394/

30-second summary:

The Great Reshuffle and privacy-first policies greatly impacted the advertising and marketing industries last year and will continue to disrupt the landscape in 2022
B2B advertisers should wean themselves off of targeting lookalike audiences and focus on harnessing first-party and zero-party data
People will buy brands, not products
The big picture: the industry is going to evolve for the better

Two important themes emerged in 2021 and these will continue to impact the industry in 2022. The first was The Great Reshuffle, which was an unprecedented talent migration fueled by the pandemic that forced employees around the globe to reconsider not only where they work, but how and why they work. The Great Reshuffle challenged us to maintain relationships, forge new connections, and secure customers in the face of disappearing sales leads. The second major theme was—constant change in the privacy landscape, like Apple’s updated app tracking policy, which for… Read More

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