Google Continues To Troll iPhone With Its Latest Ad Of #BestPhonesForever Series

Brand rivalries are fun for the audience, and Google vs Apple is one of the most interesting rivalries in the technology world. Both companies are pioneers in what they do, and they know how to make ads that can make people connect with these brands.

With the recently launched ad of #BestPhonesForever ad series, Google has trolled iPhone for not having the AI features that their Pixel 8 has.

Google Pixel

Making the most of the buzz around Black Friday and Christmas festival season, the ad shows Pixel asking: So, What are you gonna ask Santa for, iPhone? To this iPhone replies: Oh! Oh! I want Santa to give me allllll the AI stuff he got you! Towards the end, the ad even shows the iPhone asking: Can Santa give me a bunch of Google engineers?

Hilarious! Isn’t it?
Along with taking a dig at the iPhone, the ad highlights AI features of the Google Pixel 8, such as ‘Magic Editor for removing and rearranging stuff in photos.’

It’s impressive to see Google taking a creative approach with this series of ads; these ads have become an interesting case study for marketers. Here are some ads of the #BestPhonesForever campaign:

It would be interesting to see how Apple responds to this.

Which is your favorite brand rivalry in the advertising world? Let us know in the comments section.

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